Stunning Santorini

Last summer, my family and I took a cruise to a bunch of Greek Islands. One of the islands we went to was Santorini. I know that everyone has seen those beautiful and artsy pictures on Instagram of Santorini and let me tell you that those pictures are definitely true. Santorini was absolutely the most breathtaking and out of this world place I have ever visited. This little island stole my heart right away and is definitely my my new favorite place in the world!


We went to Santorini during July which was not the best idea as there were a lot of tourists and it was so hot and windy! Still, I took some pretty amazing pictures of this picturesque place.


There are so many little white churches everywhere and some have blue domes! Definitely reminds me of the flag of Greece!



I also found these pretty pink flowers all over the island called bougainvilleas. They looked so beautiful next to all the white buildings!



And don’t get me started on the food! Oh my god, now I’m actually so obsessed with Greek food! I would highly recommend Greek frappes for any coffee lover because it’s literally just coffee with ice cream.. who doesn’t love that?!


You can’t go to Santorini and not see the famous sunset! Unfortunately, because we were on a cruise we had to leave during sunset, but I still snapped some amazing pics!


And one last picture of the twinkling city at night!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and can’t wait for them to get better and better! Don’t forgot to subscribe to my youtube and follow my Instagram to see more pictures. Both can be found in the contact page! Bye loves and thanks for coming on this adventure with me! Adventure awaits.. ♡


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